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What is Weipa?

Chinese cuisine is very rich and diverse. For example, the Cantonese cuisine uses plenty of seafo...

Best Japanese Santoku Knives

Santoku knife is an all-purpose kitchen knife originating in Japan and made thinking of “three virtues” or “three uses”.

Concretely the three types of cuts the Santoku knife is specially made for are: slicing, dicing, and mincing. In addition, with a santoku knife you can cut meat, fish and vegetables, making it a very versatile and convenient knife.

New Pocky Première Classe Only Available at Narita Airport

Pocky the famous Japanese snack brand from Osaka based company Ezaki Glico has launched a new product series only available at Narita International Airport. Pocky Première Classe which means First Class in French comes in four variations; Chocolat, Matcha, Cocoa and Adult.


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