Japanese Matcha Desserts at Saryou Suisen (茶寮翠泉) in Kyoto

Matcha Restaurants in Kyoto

Saryou Suisen (茶寮翠泉) is a Kyoto based traditional teahouse, cafe and shop specialized in Japanese matcha desserts.

Japanese green tea powder or matcha is nowadays considered a superfood because of its many health benefits including its antioxidant properties.

However, to find high quality matcha is not always easy. At Saryou Suisen you can rest assure you will get the best matcha since they only use the freshest matcha directly harvested from Kyoto surroundings.

The place

Saryou Suisen looks like a traditional Kyoto house from outside:


Saryou Suisen Kyoto


Inside, expect dark brown tones and minimalist decoration typical from Kyoto.


What to eat at Saryou Suisen

They elaborate different types of green tea powder based sweets but our recommendation is the Suisen Matcha Parfait. This parfait is truly unique because it is made with many types of handmade Japanese sweets elaborated with rich matcha from Kyoto.

Just on the top of the parfait we can distinguish 7 types of typical Japanese sweets; green tea soft ice-cream, matcha wafer, matcha dorayaki, dango (the glutinous rice dumplings), anko (sweet red azuki beans paste), matcha warabimochi and matcha baumkuchen.

Everything presented well and with a generous quantity!


Different textures can be appreciated when eating this yummy dessert. For instance, the softness of warabimochi or the sponginess of the baumkuchen in combination with the stickiness of the dango.

Regarding the taste, personally I found it not too sweet compared with other matcha parfaits. I like this aspect because matcha flavor can be enjoyed much more.


Price wise, this parfait is not the most expensive in town; 980¥. We think is a fair place because of the high quality of matcha as well as the many different sweets it contains.

You can check the menu in their website as reference for other items and prices.


Saryou Suisen is located in Takatsujicho, a secondary street of Kyoto about 350 m. away from Shijo Station or Hankyu Karasuma Station.


Saryou Suisen (茶寮翠泉):

  • Address: Takatsujicho 521, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
  • Tel: 075-278-0111
  • Opening time: 10:30 ~ 18:00 (L.O. 17:30)
  • Website: http://www.saryo-suisen.com

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