FANCL Aojiru Premium Kale Green Juice Powder 30 Sticks-Japanese Taste

FANCL Aojiru Premium Kale Green Juice Powder 30 Sticks

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Powdered Aojiru green juice made from 100% Japanese Kale (leaf cabbage).

Quick and effective way to supplement the lack of vegetables ingestion.

Kale, also known as the king of vegetables, is a nutritious vegetable rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins.

Along with the edible leaves of Kale plant, FANCL added twintose to the formula of this product. Twintose is a plant derived ingredient that helps minerals to be absorbed better by the body.


  • 120g of domestic Japanese kale is used to make 1 package of this Aojiru.
  • Free of chemical pesticides.
  • Children, pregnant or breastfeeding women can drink this supplement without any concern.
  • Rich source of fiber, minerals, beta-carotin, vitamin A, B, C and E, calcium, lutein and folic acid.
  • Free of salt, colorants, fragrance, and preservatives.


1 stick per day.

You can mix with water milk, yogurt, apple juice, or other drinks and food.


    • Contents: 10g × 30 sticks
    • Made in: Japan

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