Key Coffee Drip On Variety Pack 12 Bags x 3 Packs-Japanese Taste

Key Coffee Drip On Variety Pack 12 Bags x 3 Packs

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Convenient and tasty coffee drip bags to make anytime and anywhere.

Key Coffee Drip On Variety Pack comes in 6 different types so you can enjoy different coffee flavors and aromas:

  • Special Blend (Colombia and Brazil)
  • Mocha Blend (Ethiopia and Colombia)
  • Royal Taste (Colombia and Brazil)
  • Original Blend (Indonesia and Brazil)
  • Toraja Blend (Indonesia and Mexico)
  • Toarco Toraja (Indonesia)

Each coffee drip bag is individually wrapped, ready to brew in your coffee cup.


Take one bag and open the seal.

Extend the hangers and place the drip coffee bag on the top of a cup.

Pour some hot water and wait 10 seconds to steam.

Pour 2 or 3 times more hot water (in total about 140ml) and it is ready to drink.


  • Contents: 3 packs (8g x 36 coffee drip bags)
  • Made in Japan

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