Misono Molybdenum Steel Santoku Knife 180mm No. 581-Japanese Taste

Misono Molybdenum Steel Santoku Knife 180mm No. 581

Precio habitual $109.00

The Misono Molybdenum Steel Santoku Knife 581 is a high quality and practical all-purpose Santoku knife made of molybdenum steel.

This 180mm blade Japanese knife cuts well and does not get rusted easily.

Molybdenum steel knives series are the most affordable range of knives from Misono, yet high quality has not been compromised.


  • The knife has high quality 13 chrome stainless molybdenum, which makes the knife cut well.
  • The body and the handle are integrated and keeps the knife hygienic. 
  • Double edged.
  • Santoku literally means "Three Virtues", so you can use the knife for 3 purposes: cutting fish, meat and vegetables. Santoku knives are also called all-purpose knives.


  • Model: nº 581
  • Length: 300mm (total) / 180mm (blade)
  • Thickness: 2.0mm
  • Weight: 155g
  • Material (blade): High carbon 13 chrome stainless molybdenum steel
  • Material (handle): Strong black wood
  • Made in: Japan



Misono is from Seki, Gifu "the knife city" and they are an integrated manufacturer of blades. They are now producing products by assimilating old traditional artisan techniques and new high technology.