Shimomura Un-Ryu Santoku Knife 170mm UNR-01-Japanese Taste

Shimomura Un-Ryu Santoku Knife 170mm UNR-01

Precio habitual $125.00

The Shimomura Un-Ryu Santoku Knife features a high quality blade made of VG-10 stainless steel for extra durability.

This Japanese Santoku Knife has a 170mm length and 2mm thick blade for a sharp and precise cut.

Elegant pattern created by forging the steel like in Japanese swords.

Hand-sharpened blade for an enduring and marvelous sharpening.

Handle sealed with stainless steel to avoid penetration of water.


  • Model: UNR-01
  • Blade length: 170mm
  • Total length: 305mm
  • Weight: 150g
  • Made in: Japan

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