Rohto Obagi C Powder Wash Vitamin C x Enzyme 30P-Japanese Taste

Rohto Obagi C Powder Wash Vitamin C x Enzyme 30P

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Powder type face wash with enzyme and Vitamin C.

Obagi C Powder Wash makes a soap rich in vitamin C and enzyme that removes the excess of sebum that causes unclogged pores and, at the same time, moisturizes and brightens your skin.


  • Rich moisturizing components of Geranium robertianum Extract and Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract are blended.
  • Handy package to carry around when you travel.
  • Fine powder and unscented. 


Open 1 capsule and take out the powder on your hand.

Form the powder very well with water or warm water.

Wash your face gently and rinse well. 


  • Contents: 0.4g × 30 pieces
  • Made in: Japan

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