Feather F-System MR3 Neo Spare Blade Refills 9 Cartridges-Japanese Taste

Feather F-System MR3 Neo Spare Blade Refills 9 Cartridges

Precio habitual $18.00

Set of spare blades for the F-System MR3 Neo Razor.

F-System MR3 Neo Chrome is a Japan-made razor from Feather, whose head and cartridge have subtle movements to back and forth and around. The F-System MR3 Neo Chrome has a slimmer shape and head that makes it easier for you to shave narrow parts like under the nose.  


  • It has a metal roller, which push down the skin so that the knives can catch beards better while it also gives massage effect.  
  • The blades' cartridge has a smoother, which has Vitamin E and antibacterial agent. 


    • Contents: 9 spare blades (cartridges)
    • Made in: Japan

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