Rohto Lycee Nano Eye Clearshot Eye Drops 6ml-Japanese Taste

Rohto Lycee Nano Eye Clearshot Eye Drops 6ml

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Revolutionary Japanese eye drops to calm and cool tired, red or inflamed eyes.

Rohto Lycee Nano Eye Clearshot eye drops have more viscosity than normal eye drops and contain active ingredients that help relieve tired and itchy eyes as well as prevent infections.

Clearshot eye drops are smooth and spread quickly on eyes.

They have a moderate cooling sensation.

Packaging is designed with a new revolutionary micro nozzle that accurately delivers small drops to the eye. That way excess of liquid on eyes is reduced significantly. This reduced overflow means these eye drops are 100% compatible if you wear makeup.


Apply the eye drops 3 times a day with 1 to 3 drops per application.

These eyedrops cannot be used when wearing contact lenses.


  • Contents: 6ml
  • Made in: Japan

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