Akebono Boiled Egg Cooker 4 Eggs Capacity RE-279-Japanese Taste

Akebono Boiled Egg Cooker 4 Eggs Capacity RE-279

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With the Akebono Boiled Egg Cooker you can achieve perfect boiled eggs without the need of boiling water!

You will just have to add the eggs and some water on the device and microwave for some minutes!

This boiled egg maker has a capacity for 4 eggs.


1. Fill the water up to the line marked in the container.

2. Place the egg holder (tray) on top of the container.

3. Put eggs and cover the eggs with the lid and lock.

4. Warm up in a microwave ( 10 -11 minutes at 500 to 600W OR 9-10 minutes at 700 to 800W) according to your preference.

❈When you take out the rid, hold the handle and please be careful not to burn yourself. 


  • Model: RE-279
  • Size: 150×135×140mm
  • Weight: 285g
  • Material: PP and Aluminium alumite
  • Resistance: 120 ℃ / -20℃

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