Flowfushi The Eye Cream 7.5g-Japanese Taste

Flowfushi The Eye Cream 7.5g

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This is an innovative eye cream, which focuses on caring tension of muscle around eyes and temple.

First, it loosens the muscle around eyes with their unique beauty component called "end mineral," which is a natural mineral whose one of the proven characteristics is to improve micro circulation.

Then, The Eye Cream supplies 3 kinds of peptides and beauty components of vitamin C, which goes well with the end mineral. 

Finally with 3 kinds of plant derived oil and rich shea butter, it hydrates the skin deeply and continuously.

It can also be used as serum for eyebrows and eyelashes. 


Take a rice grain sized cream for each eye.

Massage on eye lids, eyelashes, and shadow to the temples.

You can also massage around mouth and lips as well.  


  • Contents: 7.5g (it lasts about 3 to 4 months if you use it once a day).
  • Made in: Japan

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