Glico Donburi Tei Gyudon Beef Bowl 160g-Japanese Taste

Glico Donburi Tei Gyudon Beef Bowl 160g

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Glico Donburi Tei Gyudon (or beef bowl) can be prepared easily and quickly.

Contains a delicious sauce made of egg, onion and konbu (kelp) from Hokkaido among other ingredients. It also contains real beef, which has been stewed for hours until it gets soft.

With Donburi Tei Gyudon you can really feel the Japanese taste of umami with just following a few easy steps.


1. Open the package box and take out the bag.

2. Put the bag into boiling water in a pot and warm for 3 - 5 minutes.

3. Open the bag and put it on top of rice.

4. You can also warm it on the microwave for 1 min at 600W or 1'20 min at 500W. (Make sure you open the bag and put the contents into another bowl or dish and cover with the plastic wrap).


  • Contents: 160g (1 serving)
  • Made in Japan

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