Hagiri Japanese Organic Genmaicha Brown Rice Green Tea & Matcha 150g-Japanese Taste

Hagiri Japanese Organic Genmaicha Brown Rice Green Tea & Matcha 150g

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Hagiri Organic Genmaicha features Matcha along with the usual brown rice and green tea.

With this superiour tea you will enjoy a balanced taste and refined aromas from the roasted brown rice, matcha and green tea.

Each ingredient adds something special to the tea. Roasting aromas from the brown rice, sweetness, umami and bitterness from green tea and matcha.

Genmaicha, is one of the most popular teas in Japan. Genmai means brown rice, and Genmai Tea is a blend tea with brown rice and green tea.


  • Brown rice adds pleasant roasting aromas to the tea.
  • Normally teas containing brown rice have less caffeine than other teas since almost half of the tea is made with rice, and not tea leaves.
  • Simple ingredients; green tea, brown rice, and matcha. 
  • It has 48% of green tea, 50% of brown rice, and 2 % of matcha.
  • All ingredients are organic certified by JAS (Japan Agricultural Standards).


Put 6-7g of the tea into a tea pot.

Pour 360cc of boiled water.

Wait 10 seconds and pour into tea cups.

If you want to make second tea with left leaves, you can pour boiled water again but soon pour into tea cups without waiting. 


  • Contents: 150g
  • Made in: Shizuoka, Japan

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