• King Home Whetstone Sharpening Stone #6000 S-45-Japanese Taste

King Home Whetstone Sharpening Stone #6000 S-45

Precio habitual $28.00

This whetstone from King sits on a plastic base to avoid slippage during usage.

The 6000 grit of this Japanese sharpening stone makes it ideal for honing and achieving a razor sharp.

The quality of King's stone is permanent.

Suited for sharpening plane blades, knives, scissors...


Soak the stone in water for about 15 minutes before use.

Use this stone for honing after sharpening your knives with a lower grit first.


  • Model: S-45 / HT-43
  • Size: 176×52×15mm
  • Grit: #6000
  • Made in Japan

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