Nakamura Copper Tamagoyaki Pan Japanese Omelette Handmade Pan 12x16cm-Japanese Taste

Nakamura Copper Tamagoyaki Pan Japanese Omelette Handmade Pan 12x16cm

Precio habitual $79.00

Rectangular copper frying pan for making perfect Japanese omelettes tamagoyaki.

This superior quality frying pan is handmade in Japan by family run business Nakamura Copperware Manufacturing. 

Nakamura pots and pans are made with copper, material that has excellent thermal conductivity and heat retention properties. The heat will be spread uniformly over the cookware and dispensed accurately. As a result the energy consumption is less when cooking with copper.

Furthermore, the copper cookware is durable, hygienic (bacterias cannot survive in contact with copper) and corrosion-resistant. 


  • Copper cookware is a top-of-the-range cookware that meets the highest cooking requirements.
  • Because the heat spreads evenly, the risk of scorching the meal is significantly reduced with copperware.
  • Also, food prepared with copper cookware stays warm longer than food prepared with other type of cookware.
  • Compared with iron and stainless steel, copper conducts heat five times better and twenty times better, respectively.


After using the pan, wait to cool down and clean with kitchen paper. Paint the pan with a bit of oil and store.

Another option is to clean with a sponge and soak lightly if you are concerned about oil.


    • Compatibility: Product not compatible with IH (Induction Heating)
    • Size: 12x16 cm / (13x18cm bigger version available here
    • Made in: Japan

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