Nippon Seal Etiquette Brush de Futon Roller N76F-Japanese Taste

Nippon Seal Etiquette Brush de Futon Roller N76F

Precio habitual $20.00

The Etiquette de Futon Roller is a non-electric multi-use cleaner to remove dust and hair from surfaces such as futons, beds and mattresses.

It catches even small particles with ease of use.

To clean the device you just need to open the lid and throw away the pet-hair or dust from inside.


Use for cleaning dust or pet hair from the bed, futon or mattress.

The dust and hair are stored inside the roller and can be removed by just opening the lid.

Do not wash with water.

Do not use directly on the body of pets or people.


  • Model: N76F
  • Size: 18.9 × 19.7 × 5.5 cm
  • Weight: 200 gram
  • Color: Blue-green
  • Made in: China

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