Tojiro DP Cobalt Steak Knife 120mm F-797-Japanese Taste

Tojiro DP Cobalt Steak Knife 120mm F-797

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Tojiro DP Cobalt steak knife with a 120mm length blade.

Cobalt alloy steel is recovered by high-purity 13 chrome stainless steel to make a knife that combines sharpness and ease of maintenance.

DP Cobalt series is aimed at making knives with professional sharpness and easiness of care.


  • Coated with antifouling agent, easy to wash dirts and oil.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Durable cutting power.
  • Double edged for both left and right handed.


Tojiro is a company from Tsubame Sanjo in Nigata and established in 1953. They are one of the leading manufacturing companies of cutlery and knives in Japan and their pursuit is to achieve the best sharpness of cutting tools.


  • Model: F-797
  • Length: 225mm (total) / 120mm (blade)
  • Weight: 70g
  • Material (blade): Cobalt Alloy + 13 Chrome Stainless Steel
  • Material (handle): eco wood for water resistance
  • Made in: Japan

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