• Yamamoto Japanese Kinako and Black Sesame Powder 100g-Japanese Taste

Yamamoto Japanese Kinako and Black Sesame Powder 100g

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This Kinako, or roasted soybean powder, from Yamamoto is made with 100% Hokkaido origin soybeans and blended with black sesame.

Roasted in a way to bring out all the aromas.

Kinako or roasted soybean powder is known to be very nutritious since it is especially rich in protein, fiber, folic calcium and isoflavone.

The addition of black sesame adds even more nutrition like sesamin and rich taste.


You can enjoy kinako powder as it is.

Also you can easily take the nutrition of roasted soybean powder by mixing into milk, yogurt, pancakes, cookies, or putting on top of vanilla ice creams.

If you want to enjoy the powder in authentic Japanese way, you can put kinako on Mochi (rice cake) also.  


  • Contents: 100g (3.52oz)
  • Made in: Japan

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